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      1. HuZhou HengXin Metal Product Co. LTD located in the beautiful AnJi county famous as the hometown of bamboo and swivel chairs, where is the Yangtze river economic delta region in china, it covers an area of 66,800 square meters. The company 280 kilometers away from ShangHai port, 310 kilometers from NingBo port and 68 kilometers from HangZhou city, the traffic is very convenient.

        The company is Chinese-foreign country joint venture enterprises specialize in developing and producing the multi-functional recliner mechanisms, multi-functional sofa bed mechanisms,five-star electroplating bases. The company have abundant fund and advanced technology, with fixed asset more than 200 million RMB and advanced producing line. There is over 500 staff, including 30  junior and senior technicians of research and development. Its output value is more than 300 Million RMB per year. The company has got the certification of ISO9001 system of quality management and ISO14000 enviromental management system certification; the products have past the lab test standard of EN12520 which the European Union instituted.

        HengXin stick to the aim of “sincerity, cooperation, practicality and innovation”,with scientific management and excellent service, we promote the development of enterprise and better satisfy the needs of customers.


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